Core Stability

Core StabilityWhat are the Core Stabilizers?

The core stabilizers, as their name suggests, are several muscle groups whose role is to provide stability to the trunk and pelvis. This ensures optimal spinal function and provides a stable base from which the power muscles of the limbs can work. Weakness of the core stabilizers is often associated with spinal pain.

Spinal Pain Weakens the Core Stabilizers

Research shows that if spinal pain is severe or if it persists for longer than several weeks duration, the core muscles will be inhibited and weakness will result. Failure to facilitate and re-strengthen these core muscles following a
back pain episode is a major cause of both ongoing pain and
recurrent episodes of pain.

Which Muscles are our Core Stabilizers?

Transversus Abdominus

  • The deepest layer of the abdominal muscles
  • Acts like a corset for the trunk


  • Small muscles connecting adjacent vertebrae
  • These run the entire length of the spine
  • Role is to co-ordinate fine movements of one vertebrae on the next

Pelvic Floor

  • Is the base of the trunk cylinder
  • Supports the abdominal organs
  • Provides urinary and faecal control
  • Yes, both men and women have a pelvic floor

These 3 muscle groups work together to provide trunk control. Weakness of any or all of these muscles results in reduced core stability and an increased likelihood of spinal pain.

Core Stability Programmes

core stability programsAt Keperra Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic we provide core stability exercise programmes. We will assess your current level of core function and grade your programme accordingly.

Your core stability programme may include:-

  • Mat work / floor exercises
  • Fitball activities
  • Theratubing resistance exercises
  • Use of pressure biofeedback to monitor
  • Referral for pilates


Core Stability is:-

  • An essential component of treatment for spinal pain to hasten resolution and reduce recurrence.
  • An essential part of spinal rehabilitation following spinal surgery.
  • Paramount for performance of higher level sporting and work activities, providing a stable base from which the global power muscles can work.
  • Can be incorporated into a hydrotherapy or gym programme.

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