Coming Out Of Covid

Left side neck stretch

Queensland is doing well in our quest to quash COVID-19. Because of this many facets of our lives are returning to ‘the new normal’. Many of us will continue to spend some time working from home while gradually transiting to work back in the office. Some businesses are embracing longer term use of working from … Read more

Gardening without Pain

A picture of a man holding a wheel barrow

Gardening is an excellent exercise and an enjoyable activity for most people, however it can become a real pain if not done carefully. Before you start, do a few warm-up stretches to loosen your muscles and joints. This will help prepare these areas for hard work and prevent injury. It will also decrease post-gardening soreness. … Read more

A Pain in the Neck

posture and alignment

Neck pain is an extremely common complaint among desk workers. Sustained static postures can overload the joints, discs and associated muscles in the neck and upper back. Poor posture increases the likelihood of pain. Headaches commonly occur as pain from the upper neck refers into the base of the skull, forehead and temple areas. So … Read more

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