Keen to get back to peak fitness so you can play this season? Training for this season’s footy but carrying a niggling injury that hasn’t resolved? Feeling tight and sore as a result of training? Wanting some help to improve your flexibility and soreness?   Keperra Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic can help with all … Read more

Physiotherapy for Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis

We are all familiar with the word ‘arthritis’ but, probably, very few of us realize that there are approximately 150 different forms of arthritis. The two best known forms are OSTEO-ARTHRITIS and RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. Osteo-Arthritis (OA) Osteo-Arthritis commonly occurs as part of the ageing process whereby the joint cartilage lining is worn down in much the same … Read more

Gardening without Pain

A picture of a man holding a wheel barrow

Gardening is an excellent exercise and an enjoyable activity for most people, however it can become a real pain if not done carefully. Before you start, do a few warm-up stretches to loosen your muscles and joints. This will help prepare these areas for hard work and prevent injury. It will also decrease post-gardening soreness. … Read more

Ankle Sprains

Most ankle sprains occur with excessive rolling in of the foot causing the ligaments on the outside of the ankle to be over-stressed, torn or even ruptured. This commonly happens when players change direction quickly or land from a height (taking a mark). Landing on an uneven surface or another player’s foot (more common than you … Read more

A Pain in the Neck

posture and alignment

Neck pain is an extremely common complaint among desk workers. Sustained static postures can overload the joints, discs and associated muscles in the neck and upper back. Poor posture increases the likelihood of pain. Headaches commonly occur as pain from the upper neck refers into the base of the skull, forehead and temple areas. So … Read more

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