Workplace Injuries

WorkmanWorkplace injuries come in many shapes and forms. Injury can be an acute traumatic situation such as a lifting injury, fall or accident with machinery.

Alternatively, pain may be related to the postural overload encountered by many sedentary workers or those performing repetitive tasks.

At Keperra Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic treatment for workplace injuries includes:-

  • Assessment of causative factors to prevent aggravation and injury recurrence.
  • Hands-on treatment of joint mobilizations to address joint stiffness and pain.
  • Massage, dry needling and other soft tissue techniques to address muscle tightness and soreness.
  • Postural correction and task retraining to ensure correct performance of work tasks.
  • Graded core stability, strength and endurance programmes to ensure adequate performance for work tasks.

Worksite Assessments

It is often beneficial to conduct an assessment of the workplace to determine:-

  • Factors which may have caused or will aggravate the injury.
  • Safe timelines for return to work.
  • Grading of work tasks to enable return, initially, to less challenging tasks followed by more taxing tasks further down the track.
  • Prevention of further injury.

Return to Work Programmes and Suitable Duties Plans

At Keperra Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic your physiotherapist will design a suitable duties programme based on your injury type and rehabilitation progress.
Hours of work and tasks will commence at a level appropriate to your injury status with incremental increases over time to allow return to full duties.

If you have any queries regarding workplace injuries, worksite assessments and return to work (RTW) programmes, or if you would like to make an appointment, please telephone Keperra Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic on 3855 1367